A dog's nose runs as it processes scents.

A Dog's Nose Knows

Here I use a combination of modalities and work with your dog holistically, to support it in making its own self-medicating choices. By working this way, we reach a deeper understanding of your dog’s needs emotionally, behaviourally and/or physically so that we can work through the cause of the effects that you are seeing as your dog struggles.

Don’t be surprised if in turn, it helps you too. Our link to our dogs runs far deeper than just the energy we transfer down a lead that can cause our dogs to react.

  • I combine Zoopharmacognosy…

Which was pioneered by Caroline Ingraham and broken down, means –

Zoo = animal              Pharma = medicine               Cognosy = knowledge

This is a holisitc approach that assists dogs in following their instincts, so that they may rebalance their emotional state and physical well being through the self selection of essential oils, hydrosols, oils, macerates and herbs.

Dogs have an innate ability to forage for and select for themselves, medications from the hedgerows. Your dog may select grass, cleavers, berries or even mud to eat. Mud is bursting with healthy minerals and enzymes for your dog who is being very specific in their choices and instinctually self-medicating. Even the type of grass chosen is important and will have been carefully selected to alleviate the dog from worms, to cleanse the digestive tract or as a form of communication, adrenaline rebalance.


A dog’s nose knows…and when they breathe in the magical molecules of an essential oil, these are absorbed by the lining in the nose, reaching and affecting the bloodstream, the brain and the nervous system very quickly. My role is to provide the botanicals for your dog to choose, so that they can meet their own needs.

Essential oils affect emotion, control stress responses, release anxieties and traumas, provide calm, balance hormones, reduce pain and inflammation, soothe a dog’s digestive system and psyche and the list goes on…

  • …With a Meridian Balance Assessment

Meridians are energy pathways that run through the body connecting to all of the organs, carrying the vital life energy of Qi. As long as Qi flows freely through the meridians and your organs work in harmony, the body can remain healthy. Stress, trauma, illness, environmental factors, lifestyle and diet can all contribute to meridians clogging or becoming blocked. Which in turn will present itself as an undesired behaviour, illness or physical restriction.

I provide a meridian health assessment to highlight which of your dog’s meridians are out of balance which guides me in choosing the correct aromatics to offer and unblock the meridians which are causing stress to your dog.

  • …Alongside Nutritional Advice

The digestive system is the central core of our body, the furnace from which all parts of our body feed. The wrong foods can cause digestive upsets, allergies, undesirable behaviours and illness. I create a diet that best suits your dog as an individual, making for a happier, healthier friend for you.

  • …And A Behaviour Assessment

There is no such thing as naughty behaviour, all behaviours are communications. A dog’s ‘freedom of speech’ and right to express how it is feeling. I will help you to understand the conversation your dog is trying to have with you and you will receive a report to guide you through the process and form a relationship between you and your dog based on trust and understanding.

A session’s purpose is NEVER to diagnose, prescribe or to make any medical assessment of your dog but to be educated by your dog on what it might need to feel ‘whole’ again.

I am fully qualified and insured and work in conjunction with the Veterinary Act. All clients should understand that the use of herbs and essential oils for their dogs wellbeing does not replace veterinary advice or expertise and as a courtesy, please let your vet know about your sessions with me.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.

Dr. Seuss