A dog's nose runs as it processes scents.

Applied Herbal Choices...
A Dog's Nose Knows

Applied Herbal Choices is an approach based upon Applied Zoopharmacognosy, pioneered by Caroline Ingraham.

Zoo = animal.

Pharma = medicine.

Cognosy = knowledge

This behavioural method can assist dogs in following their instincts to improve and rebalance their emotional state, physical well being and/or their general maintenance.

Dogs have the innate ability to forage for and select for themselves, medications from the hedgerows. You will all I’m sure have seen your dogs eating grass. Well, it will never be any grass, it will be carefully selected for its purpose i.e. to rid the dog of worms or to cleanse the digestive tract or as a form of communication, adrenaline rebalance.

My role is to provide the where with all, in the form of herbs, nutritive powders, infused macerates and/or essential oils so that dogs may choose to inhale, digest or signal topical application. Each of their choices and responses are communications that guide me along a path that the dog wants to follow to help it to rebalance.

It’s important to understand that a session’s purpose is NEVER to diagnose, prescribe or to make any medical assessment of your dog but to be educated by your dog on what it might need to feel ‘whole’ again.

As an example, nervousness can stem from behavioural, trauma (physical or mental), pain, poor nutrition, low immunity, digestive disorders and the list goes on. Applied Herbal Choices works with the dog holistically and supports it in making its own self medicating choices aimed at whatever the dog chooses to be the issue or issues. 

Beccy is fully qualified and insured and works in conjunction with the Veterinary Act. All clients should understand that the use of herbs and essential oils for their dogs well being does not replace veterinary advice or expertise and as a courtesy, Beccy requests that all owners let their vets know about sessions they have booked.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.

Dr. Seuss

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