A Dog's Approach is Malvern based & offers a supportive service to dogs & their owners seeking a better understanding of & relationship with their companions

Behaviour & Communication

Consultations are one to one. The first takes place in either your home or mine depending upon the behaviours you are seeking help with. Sometimes it is useful to observe a dog in many locations to see how behaviours might differ. 

We will cover a lot in this first consult, about you and your dog and included in this package, will be a tailor made, easy to follow training plan as well as continued support for as long as you need me.

Consultations can be from 1 to 2 hours and cost £120.00 . Follow up consultations are 1 to 2 hours, the frequency of which will depend upon the nature of the problem and your progress. Again, you will have my continued support and help throughout. 

Human holds out hand to dog for trust. Behaviour & Communication Consults Malvern
Applied Herbal Choices Consultation & Prices A Dog's Approach Malvern

Applied Herbal Choices...A Dog's Nose Knows

Consults take place in my tailormade summerhouse at the bottom of my garden. Sessions can get messy depending upon what a dog might choose to consume, so my set up is geared toward all eventualities. Home visits are an option if necessary and will incur a mileage fee of £0.50 per mile for those living beyond a 3 mile radius of Malvern.  

Consults can last up to 3 hours and so that I can completely “tune into” your dogs’ conversation/needs, I ask please for clients to be mindful that the session needs to be quiet and free from distractions. There will be points throughout where we can discuss a dogs’ choices/responses too but I’ll initiate when these will be to avoid disrupting the dog.      

Consults cost £120.00 and I will contact you in advance of your appointment, for information on your dogs’ history. 

I will provide you with bottles of your dogs preferred choices for you to continue to offer at home A follow up consult would be in two weeks.

Dog Walking Service

One walk, One dog, One hour £17
One walk, Two dogs from same family £5 per additional dog plus £17 for the hour 
One walk, One dog, Half an hour £9

Dogs can be introduced and walked with other dogs or I can cater for those who prefer some one to one time, for the same above price. 

Bespoke Dog Walking Service, A Dog's Approach, Malvern Worcestershire