Behaviour & Communication

Do you need advice on behavioural issues you can’t make ‘head nor tail’ of? If your dog jumps up, doesn’t come back, pulls on the lead, is possessive over food or toys, barks too much, has separation anxiety, is fearful, aggressive in any way, over-excited, nips too hard when playing or has any other behavioural concerns that you are finding difficult to deal with day to day, I can help.

Behaviour & Communication Consultancy Malvern
Applied Herbal Choices Dogs Self Select for medicinal and physical purposes

Applied Herbal Choices...A Dog's Nose Knows

Aroma-Wellness For your Dog’s Health and Wellbeing. Here I use a combination of modalities and work with your dog holistically, to support it in making its own self-medicating choices. By working this way, we reach a deeper understanding of your dog’s needs emotionally, behaviourally and/or physically so that we can work through the cause of the effects that you are seeing as your dog struggles.

Dog Walking

Do you need a dog walker? If you work long hours, are unwell, or just busy some days, I can help.  This is a door to door service whereby I collect your four-legged friend, take him/her out for a run across the fields, a swim in the brook, a climb up to the hills, play hide & seek in the long grass and return after an hour all of us exhausted…..

Bespoke Dog Walking Service Worcestershire